Motorcycle roads in Romania

In this section you can find information about well known or less known motorcycle roads in Romania. The site offers a brief description of the road, information about the asphalt quality, points of interest on the road, maps, photos and video clips.
Some of the road descriptions are still under construction, but we'll update the site as soon as possible withe lots of new beautiful roads.

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  1. Thank you for the blog and the good overview about motorcycle roads in Romania. I love to ride there and your list is a very good preparation for my trip there next year.

  2. Fantastic site, planning a major trip at the end of May, will be coming from Greece and intend to do as many roads as possible before heading back to London. At the moment Im connecting the roads and trying to figure out the best route and average distance per day. We are seasoned riders and we are coming back from the Hellas Rally in Greece.